7. Print Management Software

7.1 PaperCut

PaperCut Printing Software

PaperCut is a print management software that is easily installed on a print server, and is used to monitor small to large fleets of both copiers and printers. There are plenty of functions that can be used to restrict certain types of jobs being printed, duplicating copies, the selection of colour and black and white, you can also apply budgets to cut costs in certain departments or groups. This gives business managers full control and visibility of their printer fleet and will allow them to budget and plan spend affectively.

PaperCut for Schools

Papercut-for-EducationThe application of PaperCut in schools can be extremely beneficial; teachers may wish to restrict pupils from printing or put a cap on the amount they print in a bid to reduce unnecessary paper waste and print costs. By implementing PaperCut software, schools can account for every page printed and not have to worry about careless waste. This can also help to teach pupils about the importance of environmental safety and preservation!

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PaperCut for SMEs

Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) may opt for PaperCut in order to help with budgeting – unexpected print costs can really impact a growing business! The software can also increase staff productivity by enhancing workflow efficiency, all while reducing the companies’ environmental footprint.

PaperCut for Larger Corporates

As a universal application, PaperCut will work with any brand of multifunctional printer or copier. Larger enterprises may simply wish to use software like PaperCut in order to manage multiple machines from multiple brands. PaperCut is therefore easily scalable to any environment and is an easy addition to any print fleet.

PaperCut MF


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7.2 Equitrac

Equitrac is a managed print software that is very similar to PaperCut, it tends to be more favourable with legal and professional services. Equitrac allows organisations to print securely to anywhere, from anywhere, and allows users to pick up printed documents when they want. This would be done through the use of security tools such as passwords or ID cards.

Equitrac is considered by some to be a more sophisticated product than PaperCut because of certain advanced features, such as print and save, which allows users to release a print and also save the job for future printing. The product also allows you to send multiple jobs to a machine, and select which ones to release, as opposed to the ‘release all’ option with PaperCut. Finally Equitrac allows business owners to completely stop print access by certain users, instead of the sole ability to restrict certain printing capabilities, like printing in colour, that comes with PaperCut.

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7.3 Toner Software

Some managed print service providers use a software that monitors toner and ink levels and automatically take’s meter readings for its customers. The software or ‘Agent’ gets installed on the customer’s computer or server which, will send the data on a daily basis. Once the toner or ink level hits the programmed threshold it will send a message requesting the required consumable and this gets dispatched with no customer intervention. The meter readings will also be collected at the same time to automatically generate accurate customer invoices. This brings many benefits to the customer, primarily saving them time and hassle.

7.4 Document Security

Whether you use a photocopier to print, copy, or scan, then that document or file will be stored on the hard drive of the machine. Printers and photocopiers have hard drives so that they can work on multiple jobs at once, or store multiple jobs in a queue, allowing someone to use scanning functions for example, whilst someone else prints simultaneously.

There have been cases where companies or entities have failed to clear their machine’s hard drive before selling the machine on. This would allow other companies to access the data of clients or the company from the hard drive, and can result in a fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of upwards
of £500,000 – so be sure to wipe your machine hard drives, or get your print provider to do so before selling your machines.

Protection Tools

There are many proactive ways to protect your important and confidential data or files. On most modern copiers there will be some kind of built-in security feature, including: password technology, key fobs, card readers, and finger print recognition. These simple tools can protect print jobs getting printed and left on the machine or even getting mixed up with other user’s jobs. You can also add additional security kits and encryption units for a small additional cost.

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