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DocuWare Software

Docuware SoftwareDocuWare, founded in 1988, is one of the leading providers of document management software.

Today, the software is available in 16 languages, with over 18,000 customers with 500,000 users across 70 countries, and is supported by a global network of over 600 partners.

What is DocuWare?

DocuWare software is an intuitive and flexible business solution allowing you to store, organise and retrieve any document securely, at any time, from any location.

Available as on-premise or cloud based system DocuWare automates many business processes, allowing documents to be managed electronically both simply and securely. Authorised users can connect either via the Web or by mobile apps ensuring they can access their work whether they are working from home, in the office or at an off-site location.

Allowing users the ability to find important documents with one simple search, DocuWare provides regular searches, these can be saved to ensure total efficiency. Search buttons can even be embedded into 3rd party applications such as your Finance, CRM or ERP system as well as regularly used office applications, such Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. DocuWare also provides email notifications and reminders, ensuring processes run smoothly whilst reducing human error.

By helping to automate business process and procedures, such as approving invoices, onboarding new starters as well as managing customer data, DocuWare can be used by almost every employee, whether they work in Accounts, HR, Sales or Service.

How Does DocuWare software Work?

The software is extremely customisable and with the assistance of our consultants can be designed and configured to fit your unique business processes.

No matter how a document is received or created, it can be automatically stored within DocuWare software. DocuWare can be integrated with your printer, scanner, and email software so that every document that passes through the organisation is automatically stored on a centralised cloud-based server.

Using DocuWare Intelligent Indexing instantly identifies document types and extracts the most valuable information on a document and converts it into highly structured, usable data. For example an invoice will contain key data such as supplier name, purchase order number, invoice number and financials etc. This data can be used not only to index the document but can be extracted for upload directly into your accounts system.  Machine learning technology remembers each document type and your indexing selections, so every capture increases the speed, accuracy and reliability of the tool. After just a few sample documents are converted the intelligent indexing process becomes fully automated and seamless.

DocuWare  software can be helpful across the whole of your organization, for example:

  • Finance:DocuWare helps automate invoice approval, purchase authorisation, and accounts receivable by linking the documents and performing simple workflow steps.
  • Sales order processing: DocuWare will improve the customer experience, important documents can be located in seconds and each stage of the sales process can be controlled by DocuWare workflow.
  • Human Resources: DocuWare can reduce the time spent throughout the HR department, workflows can be created for each step of the current processes ensuring each and every important document is held securely and available when needed.

Mobile App

The DocuWare Mobile App enables authorised users to access documents and workflow, providing the ability to authorise processes extremely quickly without being in the office. The software runs on both iOS and Android software, for ultimate compatibility.

How do I find out if DocuWare software is right for my organisation?

Simply call 0161 494 3370 or log a request on our website and one of our specialist consultants will be in touch.

We will provide an initial consultation free of charge. Once we have a clear understand your requirements clearly we will provide pricing and a bespoke demonstration for you to see exactly how DocuWare and Midshire can help transform your organisation and it’s processes