Interactive Touchscreen Software

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Interactive Touchscreen Software

In order to get the most out of your interactive touch screen, you will need interactive touch screen software. Sharp has a number of software solutions to ensure that the board meets your business requirements.

Sharp Display Connect

Sharp Display Connect interactive touch screen software supports effective and multidimensional communication. Onscreen content, such as handwritten notes and drawings that are made in real time, can be viewed simultaneously on the BIG PAD interactive touch screen device, as well as mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphone. Sharp Display Connect facilitates interactive presentations and lessons (in educational settings), lively discussions, and paperless meetings.

Sharp Display Connect is software that allows you to send and receive files between the BIG PAD and a mobile device such as a tablet device and to share and operate a screen on a network.

• You can operate and write to the screen of a monitor from a mobile device.
• You can capture and handwrite memos on the screen of a monitor with a mobile device.
• You can transfer files between a monitor and a mobile device.
• You can set the files to use in advance and receive these files on a mobile device.
• You can transfer files between mobile devices.
• You can share the screen of a monitor in a remote location.
• Up to 50 mobile devices can be connected simultaneously.

Sharp Touch Viewing Software

SHARP Touch Viewing Software is a touch-operated onscreen user interface that lets you easily manipulate different types of files, including Microsoft Office applications, videos, and web pages. Being able to simultaneously open and handle a variety of file types allows you to have more active meetings.

Sharp Pen Software

Sharp interactive BIG PADs come with a touch pen as standard. When using the touch pen, users can easily access the unique pen software, a menu that comprises of different functions and settings. Sharp BIG PAD interactive screens allow up to 4 users to interact at any one time, so if 4 pens are being used, then each pen has their own dedicated menu, to ensure that each user has a unique colour and line thickness for easy recognition of each user’s notes and annotations.

Advanced Optical detection technology and infrared dual touch ensure greater accuracy to increase usability and precision.