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Midshire is a leading provider of photocopiers, from some of the industry’s best brands. With a massive product portfolio, we can supply a full range of functions and technical scope.

Photocopiers are an integral part of any office set-up, and as time goes on they are becoming more and more vital for business operations. As well as the standard photocopy functionality, many devices are now classed as multifunctional. They have the capability to print, scan and fax as well as simply photocopy. In addition to these basic functions, many photocopiers now staple, hole-punch and create booklets.

Midshire is a key partner of the leading photocopier brands. We are recognised as a:

Sharp Centre of Excellence
Toshiba Accredited Partner
Ricoh Prestige Partner
The Largest RISO Dealer in Europe
HP Gold Partner
Lexmark Accredited Partner

Midshire is now a division of Sharp Business Systems UK PLC, a leading photocopier manufacturer.

Midshire is a multi-brand photocopier dealer

There is a vast range of photocopiers available on the market, at Midshire, we’re fortunate to have one of the largest range available to us as a photocopier dealer, ensuring you get the best photocopier for your business.

You can explore the full range of Photocopiers in detail here:

There are several types of photocopier

Office Photocopier ricoh mp c6004

Do I need a photocopier?

Photocopiers are still the cheapest and most effective way of copying pages, documents and images. You may want to consider what type of photocopier you need, as there is a large variety of photocopiers on offer in the market. For example, you may need colour, or just black and white. Some companies need to photocopy large documents, up to A3 or even larger in some cases! Additionally, dependent on the size of your business, the print speed and number of trays can be increased or reduced accordingly to suit your needs.

Desktop photocopier or free-standing multifunction printer?

Desktop photocopiers are getting more advanced, and often they have the same functionality to large floor standing devices. These printers and becoming more common due to the advanced functionality offered. However, MFPs are best suited to businesses who have large workforces that rely on printing, scanning and photocopying documents.

Should I purchase or lease my photocopier?

Photocopiers can be purchased outright or via a lease. Most companies chose to lease their photocopiers for between 3 and 5 years due to its tax efficiency. The price of leasing a photocopier varies dependent on the specification of the device you chose. The payments can also vary dependent on whether you go for a shorter or longer lease period. When leasing a photocopier from Midshire, you not only avoid the up-front cost of purchasing the device, you benefit from ongoing service and support from our photocopier service (Managed Print Service).

Photocopier Servicing (Managed Print Service)

A Managed Print Service is offered to all our customers, for the duration of your contract. Our experienced, manufacturer-trained service engineers will provide ongoing maintenance for your photocopiers and work towards our targeted 4-hour response to all emergency calls. You will also receive all the toner and ink cartridges via our OneStop software.

Our Managed Print Service includes comprehensive training on your device as soon as it is installed, so all your staff are up-to-speed on how to use your new photocopier. Even if you don’t know the science behind how photocopying technology works, you will be able to use all the functions of the device including: printing, scanning, faxing, photocopying and any additional finishing options you choose when receive your photocopier training.

Midshire offers customers photocopier software to help increase control and visibility of their office printing and photocopying whilst also reducing their spend. These include: PaperCut printing software and Equitrac printing software.Print management software