Photocopier Lease Agreement & Prices

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Photocopier Leasing Agreements & Prices

Photocopier leasing agreements and prices will vary dependent on the specifications of the machine(s) you choose and also the volume of printing your company does.

See our Photocopier Leasing and rental options here.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before signing a new photocopier lease agreement:

1. How much printing do we do on a daily / monthly basis?
2. How fast does the photocopier need to be?
3. Do I need to print in colour, or is black and white sufficient?
4. Do I need finishing equipment? (hole punching, stapling, booklet making, sorting)
5. How much paper do I need to load at once? – Will I need additional paper trays?
6. Do we want to buy outright or lease the equipment?
7. If leasing is the preferred route, do we want a 3 or 5-years agreement?

Photocopier Lease Agreement and Prices

Lease terms are typically 36 or 60 months, however Midshire are incredibly flexible and we offer companies the option of 48 months too. The longer the lease term, the smaller the monthly payments, making it a more affordable option for many companies.

Your lease price will vary dependent on the factors outlined above. Clearly a company who wants to lease a basic desktop photocopier will pay less than a company that want a large production printer.

No two customers have the same requirements. Midshire employees experienced specialist account managers and have probably the widest range of machines available anywhere in the UK.

Midshire has a huge portfolio of products suitable for a wide range of solutions and applications, from the best manufacturers in the industry: Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba and Lexmark. The brands do vary in price, but we choose the machine to suit the customer’s particular needs.
Photocopier Brands

Approximate Photocopier Lease Costs

• As a rough guide, a brand new desktop a4 colour photocopier would cost approximately £22 per month to lease
• A brand new medium-sized floor-standing A3 colour MFP would come in at approximately £49 per month on a lease
• A brand new large light production A3 colour device would start at approximately £234 per month

Managed Print Services

The above prices include: delivery, installation and full operator training. Each machine would be put on a Managed Print Service contract with industry leading cost per copies, starting as low as £0.0035 for black copies and £0.035 for full colour. This service contract includes: all breakdowns, all spare parts, all labour and all toner delivered automatically when the machine requests it, using OneStop.

Managed Print Service

Midshire offers customers the ability to tie their lease agreement in with their Managed Print Service contract, meaning that there is just one monthly or quarterly payment, that covers both the cost of the hardware and all the support associated with the Managed Print Service. This is similar to buying a plan to keep your car serviced throughout the lease, and additional benefits such as new tyres and oil required.

If you are using laser printers or inkjet products currently, with no service contract and buying consumables as and when required, we would expect to save them a minimum of 30% if they lease an MFP with a Managed Print Service contract. We have seen many companies saving even more than this!