Visitor Management System

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Visitor Management System

Almost every business welcomes guests into their premises, from schools to universities and SMEs to large corporations. However, if you don’t manage your visitors, you might be sacrificing the safety of both your visitors and your staff. A visitor management system such as InVentry can help you efficiently and effectively welcome guests, while maintaining control of who gains access, how long they stay for, and ensuring they are safely evacuated in an emergency situation.

visitor management systemWhat is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management refers to the practice of welcoming, processing and monitoring guests that visit workplaces. A visitor management system refers to the tools that are used to log their entry and exit of the premises. These can be physical sign in books or more advanced software systems like InVentry that print out photographic ID Cards and store data in a secure backend system for confidentiality.

There are a few main reasons why a visitor management system is beneficial to businesses, these are outlined here:

1. You know exactly who is in your building at any time

A critical component to a visitor management system, is the ability to analyse data electronically. There is complete data on every visitor that has ever been in the building. Additionally, if you know a particular visitor is coming in for a meeting at a certain time, you can pre-load their information into the system to speed up the sign in process when they arrive.

A visitor management system also helps in the event of an emergency. The InVentry Evac app provides fire marshals with a full list of everyone who is present in the building at the time of a fire, so they can ensure that everyone is out of the building during the roll call.

2. Print a professional looking badge that includes all the critical information you need

A visitor pass printed with InVentry confirms the visitors name, the time they arrived into the premises, the company they’re visiting from and the person they are visiting. It also can contain a photo of the person for further identification.

3. Save staff time

A visitor management system offers the ability to lower operating costs by eliminating unnecessary staff. Many visitor management systems are built to be self-serving, similar to check-in kiosks at airports. Having visible signs directing visitors to your VMS will help guide people to your system, where they will be able to register themselves with their driver’s license. There is no need to have a receptionist just to handle your visitors.

4. Ensure the data is secure and GDPR compliant

With GDPR coming into force on 25thMay 2018, the control of personal data is given back to individual. So, the use of a sign-in book, which is often left open for anyone to look at when they’re waiting in reception for a meeting, will no longer be acceptable. The only way to be compliant, whilst knowing exactly who is in the building at any one time is through the adoption of a cloud-based sign in system, which has each individual’s data locked down and only accessible by the individual and members of staff that need to process the data.