Document Management Systems for Motor Dealerships

  • Overview

Overview :

Document Management Systems for Motor Dealerships

Motor Dealers have the responsibility of capturing and retaining a variety of documents throughout the vehicle sale process. Much of this documentation contains private or personal data which must be retained securely for a significant period of time and only made available to authorised members of staff. Using an electronic document management system to capture, share and retain your dealfiles will not only ensure compliance to the various authorities but will bring significant improvements to your business efficiency.

The paper deal files currently used by many motor dealerships, that don’t have document management systems (DMS) in place, can present a number of challenges to the organisation such as:

  • Moving / sharing documentation between sites whilst ensuring security is not compromised
  • Lost or missing documents which can delay the sale / handover of the vehicle
  • Time spent searching for files
  • Time spent separating out part exchange documents from the original vehicle documents
  • Increasing amounts of storage space required
  • Risk of loss through fire / flood
  • Security Controlling access
  • Auditing of dealfiles either internal of by Manufacturer
  • Time spent by auditors travelling between sites
  • High cost of printing documentation

Being paper based, deal files can only exist in one place and therefore are prone to being misplaced or incorrectly filed. This can cause staff to spend valuable time locating files, or even re-producing them. These paper deal files present a significant data security risk as they are often left out on desks, misplaced around an office or even taken home in someone’s briefcase.

The DocuWare document management system for motor dealers will allow your Dealership to retrieve all your dealfile documents at the touch of a button. DocuWare provides secure web-based access to your dealfiles, ensuring only authorised personnel have access to documents, backed up with a full audit trail of activity. Additionally, with all your documentation backed up securely off site, DocuWare provides the ideal disaster recovery solution, not just for dealfiles but for all your organisation’s documentation ensuring that you will have continuous secure access to all 24/7.

Using the DocuWare Documentation produced directly from the DMS which is currently printed and stored in the dealfile folder can be captured at source reducing print and environmental costs and elimination the space required to store the paper.

Searching for documentation directly from your DMS is a breeze, using the Docuware Smart Connect feature, our system will automatically find all dealfile documentation related to the vehicle with a single click.

Key Benefits of DocuWare Document Management system for Car Dealerships

  • Eliminate the paper dealfile and reduce printing
  • Eliminate Movement of documents between sites reduced or avoided
  • Near elimination of physical document storage, with only physical documents like the V5 retained.
  • Easy access to all deals at any dealership and across the group.
  • No need to split dealfiles or photocopy Part Ex information for a vehicle brought onto stock as the system will automatically copy the documents to the new stock vehicle
  • Speed up sales by progressing deals quickly and efficiently
  • Improve audit efficiencies and reduce travelling
  • Audit trail of document access and changes
  • Assists the business as part of its GDPR compliance
  • Mobile access to dealfiles using tablets of mobile devices
  • Capture sign on glass documentation without the need for printing
  • Prevent Loss of deal files and documents prevented
  • Business continuity preserved in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster
  • DocuWare is easy to use ensuring rapid adoption and minimal training
  • Linking with third-party DMS to ensure data accuracy and reduce time double keying information
  • Deal transparency as anyone with the correct security access rights can see the status of a deal and who is currently dealing with it (Admin, Sales Manager, Sales Exec)