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Staff signing in systemStaff  Signing In System

Are you 100% sure who is your office building at any one time? Aside from timekeeping, there are a number of really important reasons why you should collect data on who is present or absent. This can be easily managed using a staff signing in system.

• Safety – if there were to be a fire or emergency evacuation, how would you accurately know who was physically in the building? With a staff sign in system, everyone who enters or leaves the building is logged on a central database, so when it comes to an evacuation, you can quickly complete a roll call.

• Keep in control of absence management– a staff sign in system can be used to cross reference data from absence management systems with information on lateness or days off. Staff sign in systems are extremely valuable in disciplinary procedures or tribunals, as it provides accurate data on absence or timekeeping.

• Tracking working hours– An employee sign in/out system helps the supervisor keep track of the employee and defines when the employee is at work. Without the presence of a staff sign-in system, an employee will not be able to record the overtime as well the duration of the breaks that they take in a day. Hence, with an automated system, every employee, who works longer than usual, will be accurately paid for the overtime without any errors.

• Eliminates the need for physical sign in books– with the GDPR coming into force in May 2018, physical sign in books are not compliant with these new data laws. By storing data securely in a sign in system, staff and visitor data is not accessible by people without consent.

Quickly check who is onsite– management can access a central dashboard to quickly see who is or is not on premises at any one time. If you have multi-sites, each premises can be linked to the central database, so you can see if staff that are

Midshire works with the market leader InVentry to provide schools and businesses across the UK with affordable, accurate staff sign in systems. The system can be linked to door entry cards or fobs for the added security that only that employee can sign themselves in.