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A school sign in system speeds up the sign in process and keeps pupil and staff identity information secure, leaving schools feeling confident that their everyone in their care is safe. The systems don’t just improve site security; they also make it simple for users to sign in, and ensure information is easier to gather and collate for analysis at a later date. Midshire has partnered with the UK’s leading school sign in system company, InVentry.

With InVentry, outdated paper registrations taken by a form tutor at the start of the school day are a thing of the past. Class and pupil information is kept up-to-date through the central database, allowing for functionality such as group tracking which enables quick sign in/out of multiple students. You can even keep track of who’s attending breakfast or afterschool clubs with InVentry’s ClassMark and ClubReg.

For schools with multiple entrances, there can be a central 20” touchscreen monitor at the main reception, and smaller quick scan modules located at additional entrance points, which all synchronise with your central database. This means that students can go straight their classroom, without needing to go through reception, if it is out of their way.

InVentry School Sign In SystemPupil management with a school sign in system

InVentry requires a student leaving school outside of normal hours to provide a reason for leaving, with an authorisation slip printed to show they are permitted to leave the school. There is also the ability to record the parent/guardian who is collecting the pupil via a photo to ensure evidence of who is removing the child for safeguarding purposes.

For pupils that arrive late, you can set the system to ask for a reason for their lateness, which can be written back to your MIS. For extra piece of mind, you can also make the pupils take a photo to prevent friends signing them in. After signing in, a printed pass is then provided to the pupil to take to class to pass to the teacher outlining the reason for their lateness.

Safeguard pupils with a school sign in system for visitors

Your sign in system can act as a single central record of DBS checks for staff and visitors, and the simple interface can inform key members of staff when checks are due to expire and need to be completed. Visitors can have thermal printed badges with their photograph and DBS details printed, so you can be sure that everyone who is in the school is accounted for.

Facial recognition recognises visitors that have visited previously, to speed up the sign-in process, so a regular contractor or visitor doesn’t have to fill out all their details every time they visit.

Safeguarding students, staff and visitors in case of an emergency

In the event of a fire evacuation or drill, InVentry’s Fire Evac app allows you see who is onsite at that exact moment, via a mobile app. Because it’s no longer paper-based, reliant on single registers and a sign-in book, multiple fire wardens can assist with the checking off of staff, students and visitors, making your school a much safer place, as everyone is accountable for. 

Multi-site academy? InVentry can work across sites.

With inVentry, staff can travel between sites using the same sign in ID and run cross site reporting, so you can be sure that teaching staff are where they should be. Additionally, when a member of staff signs into a new site, then it will automatically sign them out of the previous location.

Parents evening? School Show? Keep track of large visitor groups

You can use InVentry to pre-book large groups of visitors, and even send them customisable invitation emails directly through InVentry. This will enable you to have an almost exact understanding of who is going to be attending the event, so chairs and catering can be accurately budgeted for. The visitors will receive an individual barcode to either print off or present on their smartphone, which can be scanned by the InVentry system on arrival, for quick sign-in.