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Photocopier Brands

A photocopier is often regarded as the most important piece of office equipment, and choosing the right photocopier is crucial to ensure that your staff are productive and organised. At Midshire, we are proud to supply photocopiers from some of the best photocopier brands in the world, which enables us to help companies throughout the UK to find the perfect device for their office.

Our four top photocopier brands are: Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba and Lexmark.

Photocopier Brands

Sharp photocopiers

Midshire is one of only a small number of dealers to be awarded Sharp Centre of Excellence status. We are Sharp Photocopierextremely proud to become part of Sharp’s strategic partner circle. This photocopier brand began manufacturing photocopiers in 1972. They offer a large range of photocopiers that offer differing speeds, volumes and colour options.

In general, Sharp photocopiers offer a broad functionality, which can be enhanced even further with a number of finishing options. A benefit of the Sharp devices is that you can choose exactly which finishing options you need to create your optimal working environment. High print volume offices may require additional paper trays, whereas marketing departments or schools may require the ability to print booklets in-house.

We can provide professional grade photocopiers for every business space. This includes light production devices for high volume usage in reprographics departments or print facilities.

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Ricoh photocopiers

Ricoh is recognised as one of the world’s leading photocopier brands. Ricoh photocopiers continually produce the highest level of print quality, and have been a firm favourite with our customers for 17 years.Ricoh Photocopier

Due to our high service standards and knowledge of the Ricoh product range, Midshire is a Ricoh Prestige Partner. This means we have access to the full product range and benefit from extremely competitive pricing and support.

Ricoh provides an extensive range of photocopiers to suit to every office environment, including BLI award-winning A3 and A4 devices, mono and colour photocopiers and a wide variety of add-ons and connectivity options.

As the largest supplier of Ricoh photocopiers in the Midlands, as well as one of the top tier photocopier providers in the UK, we can offer you the highest possible differentiation and competitive benefits. We also have over 40 Ricoh trained technicians in the Midshire Group that service more than 4,000 Ricoh machines in the field.

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Toshiba photocopiers

Our newest photocopier partner is Toshiba UK. Midshire supplies the E-Studio range of Toshiba photocopiers. Working closely alongside Toshiba, we are able to find the perfect print solution to fit every business.Toshiba Photocopier

Toshiba has a vast range of products with photocopiers being just one area of their expertise. As a Toshiba partner, Midshire has the opportunity to supply, not just the multifunctional range, but also their computer range, and display solutions.

Toshiba is committed to the environment and has devised a scheme, with the help of carbon-offsetting experts, called Toshiba Carbon Zero. This scheme means they can offset the carbon footprint of your Toshiba photocopier and a set number of pages. The Toshiba Carbon Zero program ensures Toshiba and customers are working together to support projects around the world, to help prevent further damage to the environment.

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Lexmark Photocopiers

Midshire selected Lexmark as a photocopier company to Lexmark Photocopierpartner with back in 2012. As a Lexmark reseller, we have expanded our range of desktop photocopiers available to customers. Working with Lexmark UK we can offer a vast range of business solutions and apps to develop new ways of working for our customers.

Also known as multifunctional printers, Lexmark photocopiers have all the functionality an office could need. In addition to printing, these devices also scan, copy and fax. We specialise in the smaller desktop photocopiers, however, these can easily be adapted with additional paper trays into freestanding models.

If colour is important to your workplace, then the Lexmark devices have impressive colour matching system. You can ensure that your corporate colours appear correctly by using the Lexmark colour matching technology, based on the Pantone references for your brand.

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