13. Machine Moving and Disposal

Like with toner recycling there are regulations under the same Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment laws that determine the need, by law, to recycle your waste machines.


13.1 Disposal

Whether it has come to the end of its operating life, or if you wish to replace it with a more advanced machine, inevitably, machines will need to be replaced at some point. This section will set out the options you have if you have purchased your machine and wish, for one reason or another, to dispose of it. If you have leased your machines, whether through lease rental or operating lease for example, then the asset does not belong to you and your options are very limited to solely returning the machine to the leasing company. Your machine may then be refurbished and sold or leased to a company with a tight budget.

If you buy your machines outright then your options for disposal are increased, as the asset is completely yours to do with what you will. For example, you may wish to sell your machine to a company that buys old, used, or broken machines. These companies will usually buy your machine at a low price, or charge a small fee for collection. Prices offered by such companies are typically based on several things, such as machine age, number of copies done, the machine’s general working condition, and location. The company will take the machine away and repair it or re-fit it with all new parts and sell it on themselves.

Recycling your machine is also an option; this will not always result in a financial gain, however most people choose to do this as it can be collected and therefore save you the additional cost.

13.2 Moving a Machine

Additionally, you may be completely happy with your machine and simply wish to have your machine moved, either to a new office or new room for example. Many print providers actually recommend that you never attempt to move a machine yourself so that delicate internal technology and networking does not become accidentally damaged. With this in mind, most print providers will offer customers a moving service for a fee, however their staff will be properly trained at such moves and will not damage the equipment. This means that the only disruption to normal printing functions will be when the machine is moved and not prolonged by accidental damage.

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