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Digital Signage Software

Display ScreensDisplay screens and digital signage has seen significant growth in recent years and can be found in a wide range of environments including: retail, schools, offices, control centres, transport buildings (such as airports), entertainment spaces, and food establishments to name but a few.

In order to display engaging and informative content, these screens need a piece of software to pull through the content. Sharp Signage is a digital signage software with sophisticated features and intuitive user operation that produces signage that engages your customers with clear and dynamic information.

This cloud based software is a cost effective, easy to implement solution that allows you to display your most engaging and relevant information on Sharp display screens. Its versatile applications can be used in a wide variety of scenarios to include: retail, hospitality, corporate and public spaces.

So, whether you are a corporate business that wants to showcase your latest case study video in the reception area, or a hotel that needs to advertise the week’s excursions or nearby restaurants on a rolling sequence, Sharp Signage enables you to not only manage what is displayed, but when it is displayed.

Digital SignageSharp Signage is an intuitive and easy to use content management system, allowing users to manage a network of signage screens across multiple locations. Being cloud-based, you can easily manage and schedule content via the calendar from any internet enabled device.

This software provides a more affordable method of promoting your message, as compared to traditional print advertising. You can upload a new advert to your screen in a matter of seconds, rather than having to outsource the advert to print, then get it installed. The Sharp Signage software also allows you to schedule the content in advance, so you could have a full year’s advertisements scheduled.

Sharp SignageBenefits of a Digital Signage Solution

• Offers can be targeted for different audiences
• Content can be changed quickly, dependent on current news and events
• Advertise products that are currently being promoted
• React quickly to over-stock situations by promoting specific items to your audience
• Content can be scheduled, ensuring the right information is shown at the right time.