The Digital Transformation Process

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The Digital Transformation Process

Not sure where to start?  You’re not alone, the thought of transitioning from paper to a digital document management system can be daunting for any organisation. Midshire have developed a successful approach which will take you comfortably through the digital transformation process from the initial investigation to the software deployment and staff training. Midshire has a team of specialists who will support you and ensure that you will begin to reap the benefits of the solution quickly, reducing or completely eliminating paper from your organisation.


Often organisations look into document management to resolve a specific issues or challenge without realising the benefits it can bring across the whole organisation.

The digital transformation process journey starts with a free on-site consultation from one of our professional services team. This meeting would be focused around resolving specific business challenges that your organisation may have and will ensure that we have sufficient detailed information to create a solution design.

The detailed information gathered will allow us to provide high level estimated costs to ensure that the business case stacks up before investing valuable time.

Through further consultation within each department we can also highlight additional benefits over and above the initial requirements, maximising the investment potential.

Solution design

Once the business case has been approved, further detailed on-site scoping and analysis will be performed, this will ensure a perfect fit for the solution and expose any areas which may have been absent during the initial consultation.

The solution will be designed considering things such as:

  • Critical success factors
  • Teams who will use the system
  • Current workflows and documentation
  • Authorisation processes
  • IT Systems used and their interface
  • Risks
  • Change Management and communication plan
  • Role-out approach and training plan

A Statement of Works document created by the Midshire consultant will capture the detail of the project backed up with process workflow diagrams. Final costing will also be provided along with details of the finance options. Once the design has been signed off by the decision makers within your organisation, we will move into the implementation stage.


The implementation aspect of the digital transformation process will take place following a mutually agreed project plan ensuring that it fits into your organisation’s time scale, avoiding peak times or holiday periods.

Once the system has been configured it is tested thoroughly in house then rolled out to your organisation. Key champion users will be trained and are required to sign off thus ensuring that they are completely happy with the solution.

System Support Account Management

Our work does not finish once a solution is installed, our dedicated account manager will keep in regular contact to ensure you are completely happy with the solution. The account manager will also assist in further digital transformation should it be required and can call on Midshire’s professional service team at any time for support.

Each document management system comes with helpdesk support, trained professional helpdesk staff will identify any issues and quickly resolve them. Some of our Cloud EDM systems are supported 24/7 by the manufacturer, providing complete confidence that when you need a document you can find it quickly from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.