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Founded in April 2005, CF Corporate Finance is fast becoming a leading name for providing innovative leasing solutions. Part of the Investec Group of companies, CF Corporate Finance works with Midshire to supply a wide range of leasing options, competitive rates, expert photocopier leasing advice and a quick turnaround of agreements.

Through innovation and outstanding service the CF group is becoming the leasing company of choice throughout the UK, with access to its own considerable funds as well as the ability to outsource via alternative funders.

Midshire has been working with the experienced management team at CF Corporate Finance for over 10 years. CF works with Midshire to furnish customers across every commercial sector, government bodies, education and non-for-profits with flexible and transparent finance solutions specific to their industry and business needs. Midshire has to accommodate a variety of customer types and scenarios and is why our finance partners play an important part of the service we deliver.

CF Corporate on Midshire

“CF Corporate Finance Limited have a fantastic working relationship with Midshire Business Systems Ltd and we have done so for over 10 years. Our customer centered approach and straightforward finance solutions fit well with the core values of The Midshire Group. It is this partnership which has enabled us to support many SME customers in funding vital equipment to support them in continuing to grow their businesses.”

Dave Alderton, CF Corporate Finance Limited

As a partner of CF Corporate Finance, Midshire can supply you with:

Photocopier leasing solutions
Multifunctional printer finance
• Telecoms equipment leasing solutions
• IT Equipment leasing