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Digital Signage

Digital SignageDigital signage is a subsidiary of signage and audio-visual equipment. Digital signage screens use technologies such as LCD, LED and projection to display content including: images, video, websites, weather data, PDFs or simply text. Commonly found in public spaces, transport systems, museums, business entrances, restaurants and hotels, digital signage a fantastic way of providing important information and directions in addition to advertisements.

Sharp PN-Y and PN-V series of displays is available in a variety of sizes to suit any requirement. From small and compact 32” displays, all the way up to the largest of the PN-Y family measuring 55”, all panels are TFT LCD with a wide viewing angle making them ideal for a broad range of digital signage locations.

Features of Sharp PN-Y Digital Signage Screens

• 1920 x 1080 full HD display
• Thickness of just 46mm
• Narrow 9.5mm bezel
• Fan-less architecture ensuring that the device is highly reliable even in warm environments, helping to reduce outages and downtime.

The exciting new series of robust and easy to use professional display screens come in 32”, 43”, 49” and 55”. They can be wall mounted in both portrait and landscape orientation, to add further individuality to advertisements.

Built-in 10 watts per channel stereo speakers eliminate the need for an external audio system for many installations. The rear-mounted speakers are ideal for conveying audio content along with background music, to add another dimension to your adverts, and gain further engagement.

Sharp Signage Software

For those displays located in public spaces, commercial property or in hard-to-access places, Sharp Signage software allows content to be sent wirelessly, to the display’s SD card reader. Whether it’s video, images or audio files, Sharps integrated media player allows for immediate, simple automatic playback on all popular content or file types, so you never have to worry about file incompatibility. This cloud-based bespoke software is both cost effective and easily implemented, allowing easy-to-use drag and drop content scheduling for the Sharp range of digital signage display screens.

KSharp Signageey features include:

• Pre-prepared customisable templates
• Window or Android voice operating system
• Manage and maintain from any web enabled device
• Customisable layouts available
• Bespoke project content service available

Due to their ultra-thin bezels, the Sharp PN-V digital signage screens can be combined to create highly impactful video walls. With a bezel of just 6.5mm, there is just over a cm gap between the two screens when combined, which, on the scale of a video wall is negligible. A reflective strip can be added to further reduce the appearance of a gap, tricking the eye into seeing a complete panel.