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Used photocopiers present a fantastic way for you to get the machine you want at a price you can afford. A lot of people worry that investing in a second hand product means they are going to suffer a lack of quality as a result, but this is certainly not the case when you purchase a refurbished machine from Midshire. Forming our ‘E-Line’ range of photocopiers, all of our second-hand photocopiers are expertly serviced, all worn parts are replaced and the machine is brought up to a minimum required standard before being made available for re-sale, or put on our Managed Print Service. This ensures that you will benefit from optimal function and capabilities.

Range of Refurbished Photocopiers

refurbished photocopierOur refurbished photocopiers come from our existing customer base. When a customer upgrades their copiers for new devices, we take their old machines away and put them through our refurbishment programme, so we always have plenty of used photocopiers for sale.

As an independent supplier, we have an extensive selection of used photocopiers available, with a wide variety of the best brands to choose from, including RISO, Toshiba, Lexmark, HP, Sharp and Ricoh refurbished copiers.

If you are feeling unsure regarding which printing device is going to be the best for you, don’t worry, as we will happily provide a Free Print Audit to determine what photocopier is going to work best for your business requirements.

Benefits of purchasing a used photocopier

• Print quality is guaranteed as our engineers refurbish all devices to a very high standard. We are that confident in the quality of all of our re-manufactured and re-furbished products, they come with our 5-year satisfaction guarantee just as our new photocopiers do.

• Affordable functionality – Needless to say, the main reason so many people go down this route is because it is the more affordable option, giving you access to photocopiers you otherwise would not be able to afford. You will also make efficiency savings to, as service contracts are available for used photocopiers, so that your machine is serviced and maintained by our engineers as though it is a brand new machine.

• Environmental friendly – A used photocopier is an excellent option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact as you are preventing its destruction, which would result in landfill pollution and the production and shipping of a new device.