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Lease or Purchase Refurbished Printers

Eline Refurbished Printers
Midshire offers a wide range of refurbished printers as part of our ‘E-Line’ range of printers. A refurbished printer is the ideal way to acquire a printer with the features you need, at an affordable price if you don’t necessarily need the equipment to be brand new.

Buying a refurbished machine will do more than just save you money. Buying a second hand reconditioned printer or copier will cut the harmful emissions that would be created during the manufacturing process of producing a new machine. It will also save a machine from ending up in landfill.

refurbished photocopierThe majority of our refurbished printers are ones which come back from existing customers’ when they upgrade their printers to new devices. The logistics team complete a withdrawal form for each machine that is removed and the Group Service Manager will then either approve the machine for refurbishment or send it to be recycled, dependent on the age and condition of the machine. If the machine is in poor condition and does not meet our minimum requirements to be maintained on our Managed Print Service, it will not be refurbished.

Machines that are fit for refurbishment are given a new serial number and assigned to a service engineer or workshop technician to carry out the required refurbishments. They will order any parts required and within 2 days the machines will be restored to the highest standard, cleaned and wrapped ready for re-sale.

What are the benefits of a refurbished printer?

Environmental: a used printer is an excellent option to reduce environmental impact. By opting for a used printer you are preventing it from going into landfill.

Print Quality: as the machine has been refurbished to a high standard, the print quality will not be affected.

New technology: we provide a full range of used machines of all makes and models, and this includes machines that are less than two years old.

Cost saving: second hand printers are generally a more cost effective option. This can allow you to purchase or lease the machine of your choice within your budget.

Can my refurbished printer be serviced?

Yes! Managed Print Service Contracts are available for used printers, so that your machine can be serviced and maintained by our engineers just as though they are brand new.

Who can benefit from a refurbished printer?

New business start-ups or companies with limited budgets are the ideal environments for refurbished printers. In most cases, the specification of a refurbished printer is far higher than a opting for a brand new printer for the same price. This is a huge benefit to new business start-ups meaning they can be as productive as they need to be, without being compromised by a slow printer with basic functionality, at a price they can afford.