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Photocopier Leasing Companies

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Photocopier Leasing Companies

Midshire works with a number of specialist leasing companies and brokers to provide leases for photocopying equipment to businesses across the UK. Our leasing company partners include: Siemens Financial Services, PEAC and CF Corporate and our brokers are: Tower Leasing and Shire Leasing.

Photocopier Leasing Companies

Midshire will initially approach Siemens, CF Corporate and PEAC on your behalf. If your company has been trading for 3 years and there is no adverse information about your company, it is very likely that you will be granted finance for your photocopier from these leasing companies.

However, if your business has not been trading for three years or you have been rejected for funding by one of our leasing partners, Midshire are able to approach our leasing brokers who can present your situation to other leasing companies with more detailed information to help get the agreement approved.

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