Printers and Photocopiers – A ‘How to’ Guide

This guide aims to help you form a basic knowledge of printers and photocopiers.

We will begin by looking at the history of printers and photocopiers, and then we will look more closely at how the machines actually work. We will follow on from this by considering the many different manufacturers, and the varying types of devices out there. We will then move into discussing the many things you should be aware of when choosing a printer or copier, from machine features, through to document security, maintenance and servicing, and machine recycling and disposal. Whether you are seeking to learn more about leasing, printers and photocopiers, or simply trying to determine the best machines for your home, school, or office, this guide should help to clear any confusion surrounding printers and photocopiers.

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10. Buying your first photocopier or printer
12. Delivery and Installation Process
13. Machine Moving and Disposal