Try Before You Buy

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Try Before You Buy

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Probably not. It’s too big an investment to rush into and not do your homework on its features, specifications price and suitability. So why should you do that with such a key piece of office equipment, like a photocopier or multifunction printer?

Similar to a vehicle, an office photocopier can be a sizable investment for any company no matter its age or size. With most copiers being leased over a 3 to 5-year term, the similarities between buying a car and a copier are almost identical.

Try before you buy printerWhen looking at purchasing a new car, you wouldn’t just request a quote over email, look at the brochure and make a decision based on that. You’d perhaps visit a showroom and arrange to take it out for a test drive, to see if the technology meets your needs. Is there is enough storage space and room for your passengers? Does it drive as well as you would like? You would also want to meet the sales executive a few times and build a relationship, before signing the financial agreement.

Unlike purchasing a car, the vast majority of photocopier sales companies will provide you with a brochure of your prospective photocopier, and if you’re lucky a brief demonstration and then expect you to purchase the device without even seeing it. However, that is not the same as using it day in, day out to see what it’s really like. That’s why Midshire developed our ‘Try Before You Buy’ service.

With Midshire’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ service, our highly knowledgeable account managers use their industry experience to match you to the perfect printer or photocopier. They then arrange for you to road-test the device at your place of work, to make sure it’s exactly what you’re after, before fully committing to it. This service allows all staff to test the device in situ and try out its features and functions for themselves. The perfect way to ensure it’s going to make the grade where your office requirements are concerned.

How much does ‘Try Before you Buy’ cost?

The trial is completely rent-free! You simply only pay for the copies and prints you use, on a cost per copy agreement. Even better, if the trial is a success, you’ll have your machine already installed in the correct location, ready to go.

We can offer this trial on most of the brands we supply – Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba and HP.

Midshire can also provide product demonstrations from our office showrooms in West Bromwich and Stockport (Greater Manchester) if this is more convenient. Additionally, we also have a RISO Demonstration Van which means we can bring the demonstration direct to your door. Kitted out with the latest RISO printing equipment including the worlds fastest printer, Midshire has a service to suit your every need. Whatever your printing requirements, speak to Midshire today!