Managed Print Services Contract

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Managed Print Services Contract

When leasing a photocopier, a managed print service service contract is usually offered. Midshire provides maintenance throughout the service contract period to ensure the equipment is kept in good working order for the agreed minimum service period.

Photocopier Service ContractWe will agree a copy charge which is simply a cost for each copy, with a set prices, one for mono and one for colour, these prices will also differ depending whether you are printing at A4 or A3. Your cost per copy charge includes: preventative maintenance, service calls, emergency calls and for all spares and consumables including black and coloured toners. Paper, card and staples etc. are excluded. Masters for digital duplicators are not included.

Managed print services contracts are either 3 or 5 years in length, tying into the same period as your photocopier lease contract. These two contracts can be combined into one contract, so you have only one monthly payment, rather than two!

Be aware of the differing contracts offered by varying Managed Print Service providers. They can be: Cost per Copy (Midshire’s contract type), Cost per Colour (also known as Cost per Development) and Tiered Billing.

A broken device can cause all sorts of problems especially if your machine is a multifunctional printer. There is a possibility that you won’t be able to use one or all of the three functions. Midshire tries to minimise downtime by adopting preventative maintenance. We work on a targeted 4-hour response time so our service engineers will be with you within a few hours of your query. Because our engineers are in-house, they have a much faster response than those who rely on a 3rd party response. All our customers are a priority to us and so we can ensure everyone receives a good level of service.

As part of your Managed Print Services contract, if your machine is irreparable during the contract period, Midshire will provide you with a replacement machine.

If you are looking into a number of service contracts, be sure to read all the small print, and if you have any queries regarding any of the points, get in touch with Midshire, we will be able to answer any of your questions.

We have key procedures in place to ensure service levels are consistent across the board. Once an engineer is on site, the machine is assessed and the engineer will attempt to resolve the problem. However, there are circumstances when an engineer is unable to fix a machine and the call needs to be escalated to another level to ensure the customer is satisfied with the final result.

The call escalation procedure ensures that all service calls are dealt with in the same way, thus giving all customers the same level of response.

If a resolution cannot be found, the call is quickly escalated to the team leader and beyond if necessary. If all avenues are exhausted, then we will be able to access support from the manufacturer directly.