Audio Visual Companies

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Audio Visual Companies

If you are considering having audio visual equipment installed into your business or school, you will need to partner with an Audio Visual company to assist you with the project. Audio Visual Companies come in all shapes and sizes, so when you are investing a large amount of money and time into sourcing your next audio visual system, it’s really important you find a partner that you can trust, to see the project through successfully from design and implementation through to completion.

Strong Portfolio of AV Equipment

One of the main things to look for when searching for an AV company is their portfolio of products. Midshire partners with a number of AV companies, including Sharp. Sharp has in excess of 40 products, from interactive screens through to displays and video walls and ranging in size from 35” up to 90” and bigger when video walls are installed.

Midshire also supplies AV equipment from market leading brands including: Sharp, Promethean, SMART, CleverTouch, InVentry, Epsom, Kramer and visual companies

Product Knowledge

Having worked on a wide variety of projects, from installations into classrooms, through to huge video walls at events and interactive screens for TV production studios, our team has the experience and product knowledge to understand the best equipment for your business’ needs. We have access to hardware for on-site demonstrations so you can see and use the equipment in its exact location, before committing.

Midshire provides ongoing training and support to all our customers, whether they purchase AV, IT, photocopiers or telephone systems. Our engineers are fully mobile and respond quickly to any audio-visual emergencies that may occur.

Seamless Installations

Audio Visual CompanyMidshire keeps a stock of audio visual products in its UK wide warehouses. In order to reduce disruption to the customer, Midshire delivers its audio-visual equipment the day before installation, to ensure that there are no delays. The installation and training team will arrive on site the following day, and provide in-depth training to all users who will be interacting with the device(s).