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Display Screens

Sharp Display ScreensA display screen is a large professional LCD monitor that is used to display adverts, presentations and videos. They are commonly found in reception areas in addition to retail spaces.

Display screens and digital signage has seen significant growth in recent years, driven heavily by the retail sector. However, Sharp display screens can be found in:

• Schools
• Offices
• Control Centres
• Leisure Facilities
• Entertainment Spaces
• Food and Retail Establishments to name but a few.

Ranging from 32” up to 90” in diameter, Sharp has an extensive range of display screens that can be integrated with cloud-based dynamic content for easy content management.

Due to an ultra-thin bezel, there is a small range of Sharp screens that can be combined to create exceptionally large, high impact displays, known as video walls.

Benefits of Display Screens

1. Reliability: Operating with advanced fan-less architecture, these LCD screens operate silently and take in minimal amounts of dust. With 24/7 operation, they are designed to work virtually anywhere for whatever you need. Every Sharp commercial display screen comes with a 3-year on-site warranty, covering all parts, labour and backlight, for ultimate confidence. These devices are designed for endurance, and are able to operate constantly, unlike their TV counterparts that would fail after a short while if operating 24/7.

2. Picture Quality: With exceptional picture quality, Sharp large-format commercial LCD display screens deliver ultra HD resolution from virtually any analogue, digital or HD video source.

3. Versatility: The thin and lightweight, display screen are easy to mount, offering both portrait and landscape orientation to suite a variety of content and applications. The built-in Daisy Chain capability via the DVI-D video connection allows up to 5 Sharp PN series monitors to be placed together to provide exceptionally large, high impact, video wall displays.

Joining multiple Sharp display screens together creates eye-catching video walls for an expanded range of influence, wherever the setting. Easy to assemble and easily controlled, bringing high-impact exposure to commercial and business content.

4. Strong audio: Built-in 10 watts per channel stereo speakers remove the need for any external audio systems required for installation. The rear-mounted speakers are ideal for conveying audio content along with background music.

Sharp Display ScreenCost Effectiveness of Display Screens

Interactive touch-screen devices have gained popularity in corporate environments as well as educational establishments, however, they are not always the preferred technology, with some companies and schools not requiring the touch-screen element. Display screens are popular in the upper years of secondary school environments, where collaboration is not as essential as it is in younger years. Display screens are a more cost-effective alternative to touch screen devices, so if interactivity is not high on your priority, it might be wise to explore the range of display screen options.