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Regarded as ‘the world’s fastest printer’, the RISO ComColor series of inkjet printers offers unparalleled speed, enabling users to print large documents or multiple copies in no time at all. With print speeds of up-to 150ppm, these RISO printers can print up to 1,000 sheets in as little as seven minutes!

Superfast print speeds, coupled with extremely low running costs makes this printer from RISO UK a firm favourite for reprographic departments in businesses and schools, who want to print high-volumes, quickly and for minimum expenditure.

The RISO ComColor devices are renowned for being incredibly reliable as well as versatile. The printers use a heat-free process, meaning there are fewer parts that could experience a fault and less energy is used in the process. With an optional extras including a scanner, booklet maker, perfect binder and envelope finisher, the RISO ComColor range is able to meet all your requirements and more.

With running costs as low as 1.5p, the ComColor range is a cost-effective method of printing. The devices use quick-drying ink, preventing bleed through on duplex prints, and can print on A3 and A4 for paper, with a variety of stocks from light paper right up to heavy stocks and envelopes, making these devices incredibly versatile.

FORCEJET technology

FORCEJET technology is found exclusively in the RISO ComColor range. 24 in-line print heads use vibrations to create ink droplets. The print heads are stationary, with the paper moving underneath it. As the paper moves, the print heads lay down the individual four colour prints (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which produces the images on the page. Because the print head is stationary, high-speed printing is possible. It also results in a longer life-span of the machine as there are fewer moving parts which may wear out or be at fault.

Range of RISO ComColour devices

Midshire is able to provide the full range of brand new and refurbished RISO ComColors. Our range of new RISO ComColor devices includes the GD9630, GD7330, FW5000, FW5230 and FW1230, which offer the same fast print speed, but it is a more compact machine, enabling businesses to benefit from RISO printing but with a smaller footprint.

See the RISO ComColour for yourself

As well as conducting RISO demonstrations at our office locations and showrooms across the UK, we can also bring a RISO demonstration to you, courtesy of our RISO demonstration van. Midshire has the facility to bring a full demonstration of the RISO ComColor FW5230 to you and your colleagues at a time of your convenience. Rather that printing off just generic samples, our RISO demonstration is suited to your needs, and we will print off anything you require, be it the documents you’ll need for the day, your school prospectus or company newsletter!RISO Demonstration van for RISO ComColor Demonstrations

Midshire specialises in the supply, installation, training and maintenance of all RISO UK products including the RISO ComColor 9150. As the largest supplier of RISO products in Europe, you are assured the most cost-effective pricing, support and advice.

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