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Rent or Lease a Printer for your Business

Looking at leasing, renting or buying a printer for your office? There are many things to consider before making the decision. For many businesses, purchasing a printer outright is a massive expense. The prices range from a few hundred pounds, up to tens of thousands of pounds.

Purchasing is the least cost-effective way to fund your new printer, with leasing being the preferable option for many businesses. When you lease your new printer from Midshire and other established Managed Print Service companies, you not only avoid the up-front costs associated with purchasing the device, you avoid the additional ad-hoc costs related to machine breakdowns. Midshire will link your leasing with a Managed Print Service contract which covers: installation and training, general maintenance, the ordering of toner and ink cartridges, the booking of engineers and the provision of meter readings.

What does office printer leasing entail?

Lease a PrinterA printer lease spreads the cost of your device over 3 to 5 years. You will pay fixed equal amounts, either quarterly or monthly over the fixed term. This is instead of making the large full payment at the point of receiving the equipment. Leasing printers is beneficial to all types of business, irrespective of size and turnover. Midshire works with a variety of businesses from start-ups to multi-national corporations, who all take advantage of the leasing model.

The price associated with leasing a printer depends on a number of factors. This  includes: type of device chosen, features and speed, finishing equipment, number of paper trays and whether the device needs to print in black and white or colour. Your monthly or quarterly repayments can be adjusted by simply changing the lease term. A 3-year term will have higher repayments than a 5-year lease. However, a 3-year lease will be paid off quicker than the 5-year option.

Midshire works with a number of well-known and long established leasing companies and brokers that specialise in printer leasing. These include: Siemens Financial Services, PEACShire LeasingCF Corporate and Tower Leasing

Photocopier Leasing Companies

What type of printer can I lease?

HP-PageWide-556dnMidshire offers the lease option across our entire range of printers. So whether you are looking for a small desktop printer, a floor-standing multifunction device, a light production printer for your reprographics department, or a wide format printer for producing CAD drawings and graphics, Midshire can arrange a printer lease for your business, no matter what equipment you choose.

Tax efficiency

Leasing a printer for your business can result in a lower tax bill, as you are able to claim the payments as a business expense. Your monthly payments are 100% tax deductible. Purchasing is also tax deductible, hoever it is only 40% tax deductible in the first year and 25% in the second. This makes the leasing option a very attractive business proposition for any company looking to upgrade existing, or that requires brand new printing equipment.

Will my company be accepted for an office printer lease?

Lease a printerMost leasing companies require 3 years trading history as a minimum in order to accept a business onto a lease. We understand that these companies won’t have the capital to pay for a printer outright. In those cases, Midshire may request additional financial information and a directors guarantee to make it more likely that the lease will be approved. However, as every business has individual circumstances, Midshire can never guarantee that a lease will be approved. Though we will always do our very best to work with our leasing providers to get them accepted. In the event that a lease is not accepted, Midshire does have alternative finance options open to you.

Printer leases for schools

The Department for Education rules state, that Local Authority Schools and Academies must use an Schools Operating Lease as opposed to Finance Leases when leasing any printing equipment.

An Operating Lease is ‘off balance sheet’ funding. The finance company carry the risk associated with the lease, while the school benefits from the use of the equipment.

Due to the required structure, these repayments are significantly lower than a finance or capital lease. At the end of the lease term, the lessee can choose to either return the printers or continue with the agreement for a further period.School Operating Lease

Printers From Top Brands

When it comes to choosing a printer to lease or rent, there are many factors which may influence your choice. You may need to be able to produce a certain number of sheets per minute or want a particular array of functions such as copying, scanning, faxing and filing alongside professional standard printing. From black and white only to full colour printers, Midshire works with top brands such as Sharp or RISO, so there are many models for you to choose from.

We have a great number of the very top brands of printers available for lease so whether you’re in need of high a volume production printer or slick and speedy desktop printer for the MD’s office, we believe you will be able to find it with Midshire.

Our office printer models by Sharp are some of the best on the market and we have a range that allows you to finely tune your choice of printer to your needs. On our site you will find each model has a clear and comprehensive breakdown of its specification and capabilities with useful figures such as how many sheets of black and white or colour pages it can print per minute.

Our RISO range again offers its own family of models with fantastic features. The beauty of RISO devices is their versitility. Alongside standard printing modes found on the RISO ComColour, RISO Duplicators (also known as Risographs) can replicate screen printing, meaning they are the perfect addition to an art studio or University art department. The two colour Duplicators are the ideal print device for political parties who often want to print their marketing materials in both black and their party colour. Two colour duplicators are able to print at incredibly fast speeds, meaning campaigners can get their messages out to constituents as quickly as possible.

The Midshire Group are passionate about supplying modern offices with the technology they need to keep moving. We are here to provide our expert support and advice so that you can make your printing technology investments with confidence.