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Office Photocopiers

Office PhotocopierOffice photocopiers are larger devices than a desktop photocopier and tend to be floor standing. These devices are able to deal with larger volumes than desktop photocopiers and can often print at higher speeds, whilst offering a range of different functions including: scanning, copying and faxing.

Office photocopiers are designed for medium sized work groups that require medium print speeds of around 30 to 40ppm, to meet the needs of relatively busy teams. Office photocopiers can also support large corporate offices. These large devices, also known as light production printers are designed for environments where users print hundreds, if not thousands of prints per day. These large photocopiers are usually found in reprographic departments and print rooms.

Diversity of Office Photocopiers

Rather than sitting on desktops, office photocopiers are floor-standing, allowing for more paper to be stored within paper trays which lift the device off the floor. Most office photocopiers are able to support A3 paper, enabling more diversity in printing output.

If you choose advanced finished features, your machine can also: sort, staple, hole punch and bind should you wish it to. These finishing options are better suited to floor standing devices as often these in-built features are added as additional units to the engine of the photocopier, configured to your exact requirements.

Print Management Software

Office photocopiers are designed to be used by larger work groups and as a shared device, and can have print management software installed such as PaperCut MF and Equitrac to manage users printing behaviour. Print management software can be used to implement rules such as duplex only printing, black and white printing for certain jobs such as email and requiring user authentication before a job can be released from the photocopier. It can also limit users and departments to a restricted number of prints daily, monthly or annual as set by the person responsible for its use.Print-management-software

MPS & Leasing:

Managed Print Services & Photocopier Leasing

Midshire offers a Managed Print Service contract to all its customers, irrespective of type of or number of photocopiers. A Managed Print Service is a comprehensive service agreement that covers everything from the equipment installation, operator training, right through to general maintenance, emergency calls, as well as all toner cartridges and collection of meter readings.

Office photocopiers can be purchased outright, or financed via a lease. The majority of businesses throughout the UK choose to lease their printers rather than purchasing, as it is a more cost-effective and tax efficient way of financing office equipment.

Midshire partners with a number of leasing companies and brokers including: Siemens Financial Services, CF CorporatePEAC, Shire and Tower Leasing to ensure businesses are able to finance their devices over 3-5 years.

Photocopier Leasing Companies

By leasing, companies avoid the upfront cost of purchasing and often find they are able to afford a better machine than they initially expected. Midshire provides education facilities with a government backed School’s Operating Lease, from Siemens Financial Services, a requirement when looking at financing any equipment for education.
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