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Buy RISO Inks and Consumables

Whether you are looking for RISO inks and consumables, drums and masters, or any additional accessories, as the largest supplier of RISO equipment in Europe, Midshire is the obvious choice for all of your genuine RISO consumable requirements. We also give you the best price guarantee for all of your RISO printers and finishing equipment, so you can be can be confident of unbeatable quality at the lowest costs.


Midshire can provide inks for all RISO products, whether you need CMYK inks for the ComColor printers, or specialist ink for RISO Duplicators.

RISO Inks and consumablesRISO Duplicators or Risograph printers use 21 standard colour inks. Special order colours can be tailor-made to support a company’s  corporate branding guidelines. The huge selection of colours allows you to add powerful impact to your printed materials and helps bring your branded documents to life.

Some of the most popular standard colours include: black, blue, medium blue, red, green, fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, purple, light grey and metallic gold.

RISO Gold Ink

Previously only available through specialised printing companies, RISO has created metallic gold ink, which will add a touch of luxury to your in-house printing.

Use this special ink to add a hint of elegance and class to many printed items including: invitations, wedding cards, certificates, leaflets and any other prestigious printing can be produced with this special touch.

RISO Drums

The RISO drum is the part of the digital duplicator where the coloured ink is transferred to the paper.

RISO inks and consumablesSome duplicators have one drum. Having a single drum however, doesn’t limit you to single colour printing. Instead, you can send the paper through once for one colour to be printed, and then change the drum to a different colour and pass the paper through again.

Some duplicators have two drums, enabling you to produce two colour prints at the touch of a button.

RISO Masters

RISO masters are developed specifically for the RISO printing process and are a key component of a RISO digital duplicator. A master works in the following way: a document is either scanned or sent via a computer to the duplicator, the document is then digitally reproduced onto a master sheet. The master sheet is then wrapped around an ink drum, which turns at high speed. A sheet of paper passes underneath the ink drum producing prints.

RISO inks and consumablesThe master can be used multiple times, so the same document can be ‘duplicated’ hundreds or even thousands of times, at speeds of up to 185ppm (the standard printer is about 30-40ppm).

Speak to one of our experts today about purchasing any of the above inks and consumables for your RISO ComColor or duplicator.