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What to do when toner is low on photocopier

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Every printer or photocopier will indicate that the toner cartridge is approaching empty.

As toner is expensive, it is advised you continue to use the toner cartridge for as long as possible. If the print quality begins to deteriorate then it is recommended you change the toner cartridge.

When changing the cartridge, turn off the photocopier and replace the toner cartridge with a brand new one (never replace with a previously used one). Switch the photocopier on again, and print a test page to ensure the quality is good. We recommend printing the google homepage as it contains all the colours, but doesn’t use up too much ink.

Here is a simple video guide to replacing toner in a Ricoh photocopier.

The ‘toner low’ message should now have cleared, and you will be able to get on with printing. However, if the message remains, please check the following:

• The cartridge you just installed is brand new
• You are using genuine brand toner, so Ricoh toner for a Ricoh printer etc.
• The toner cartridge has not been refilled or refurbished.

If the ‘toner low’ message still appears then contact your service provider as your photocopier may need servicing.

Midshire offer a ‘managed print service’, which includes a management tool called OneStop. Your toner usage is monitored remotely by the service team, and toner is automatically ordered when running low. This service ensures you have toner waiting at your office as soon as your photocopier indicates ‘toner low’. The managed print service is there for you so you can get on with what you do best, without having to worry about purchasing toner cartridges.