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We Bank Time for ‘Proud’ Liverpool

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“This is our first ever spontaneous gift.  It will make a huge difference to us.  I couldn’t believe it when, during a conversation about our ageing copier and its failure to cope Julian said, ‘well we’ll just give you a copier’ – it was totally fantastic.  I mean, wow!”

Val Price, Founder and Director of Proud Of Liverpool 

Val Price started Proud of Liverpool (originally Pride in Liverpool) in July 2009 after a year as an ambassador and volunteer for the 2008 Capital of Culture.  She had a strong desire to make a difference and a particular set of skills that made her ideal to do just that.  Her goal has just moved a step closer with the arrival of the gift of a new high-volume photocopier from Midshire.

Proud of Liverpool is a time bank.  It’s about helping each other.  People can ‘deposit’ their skills by giving up some hours to help with what they’re good at and ‘withdraw’  – different – skills of others when they need them.

Proud of LiverpoolVal’s years working in HR and across various management roles mean that she understands how to make working with people … work.

Proud of Liverpool started in Toxteth, once one of the district’s most challenging areas.

Coping with the paperwork needed to keep the organisation working was proving more and more time consuming – something that will change with the arrival of a new and more advanced copier from Midshire.

Midshire MD Julian Stafford said:  “I was talking to Val about the work of her organisation and it was clear that they were struggling with the equipment they had.  It was also clear that they had resource issues – so we were delighted to help.”

Said Val: “Time banking is about people, but it also requires a lot of paperwork.  Our old copier wasn’t up to scratch and was costing us an arm and a leg.  The new copier will make it easier and faster to cope with the paperwork, which means more time to spend where it’s really needed – making a difference to our communities and making sure people have fun while they’re doing it.  We can’t thank Julian Stafford and Midshire enough for their time – and our new copier!”

Proud of Liverpool is looking for ambassadors.  If you think you have the right skills, contact Val, Proud of Liverpool or visit