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Trial a machine that ‘produces water from air’ in your business

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Are you a socially conscious business looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment?

At Midshire, we have an incredibly exciting new product, and we want to make sure that we maximise the impact that we make with it.

We feel that a water cooler that doesn’t require a source of water is going to revolutionise the marketplace – just imagine being able move your water cooler anywhere in your business, without needing to think about plumbing or carrying the heavy water bottles? Not only that, but you will completely remove the impact your business’ water consumption has on the environment.

We’re looking businesses the chance to trial this unique technology from Skywell, and all we ask in return is your honest feedback.

We’ll professionally install the unit, train you and your team how to use it, and then leave you to form your opinions, which will be absolutely valuable to us.

The trial will last for 30 days. We’ll consider all types of business, whether an existing customer of Midshire or not. All we ask is that there is a genuine interest in CSR and positive environmental impact. If it’s not for you please do share with your networks.

Please fill out the below form if you are interested in trialling the technology in your own business, or if you would like to recommend a business to be part of the trial.

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