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‘Top Marks’ from Nevill Road Junior School

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Neville Road Junior SchoolThe bursar at the Nevill Road Junior and Infant Schools at Bramhall can’t remember a time the children’s work sheets, timetables and parent communications weren’t printed using machines from Midshire.

That’s because the Nevill Road Schools are Midshire’s first ever customer and, as the company celebrates its 15th birthday, its oldest too.

So it’s not surprising that Sharon Kyne, who has been in post and managing the budgets that keep the schools’ on track for delivering success for a mere 11 years, looks on Midshire more as a trusted partner than a supplier.

“Midshire was appointed by the previous bursar, Pat Baker, and we’ve stayed with the company because they’re on the ball and really look after us,” said Sharon.

The schools, which between them welcome 480 pupils daily, have five machines from Midshire, a mix of leased and wholly owned.  Between them they handle anything from weekly parent newsletters to term calendars and much, much more.

“Our machines have to cope with really high volumes, particularly now that children don’t work in exercise books but via work sheets we print for them.  What we’ve come to expect and welcome from Midshire is their keenness to make sure our running costs are kept as low as possible, something that’s so important in a school environment.

“Recently we talked about replacing one of the older machines, which would have been an added cost, but Midshire looked at what we were doing and recommended that we stick with the original, saying that it was still more than able to cope with the workload.  It’s advice like that – that puts our needs first – that makes us happy to continue with the company.  There are times as well when we’ll get a call to tell us about a machine swap that will take running costs down for us – and we’re offered a deal too,” added Sharon.

“We’d like to congratulate Midshire on its 15th birthday and thank them for all the help and support we’ve enjoyed – we’re happy to be their oldest customer.”