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Titanic Headquarters opens in Liverpool

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Signature Living, a Midshire customer since 2012, has announced its latest venture – 30 James Street. This was the original name given to the home of the Titanic by Bruce Ismay in 1896 and is the exact same building where the ill-fated Ocean Liner was registered. It now has a new lease of life as a luxury hotel accommodating up to 310 guests after being bought by Signature Living which will be spending £7m on renovating this historic building.

The building on James Street had been unused for the past 10 years but will reopen as the Home of the Titanic in April 2014. Guests will be taken on a journey through history as each room will feature references to the White Star Line or the era in which the Titanic was built.

Designed by Norman Shaw each room will be totally bespoke with a definitive history specific to that room.

With this new project in progress, Midshire is designing and implementing bespoke communications for 30 James Street alongside the integration of all Signature Living hotels across Liverpool ready for the launch in April 2014.

Lawrence Kenwright, Director of Signature Living, is looking to employ people from Liverpool to bring life back to the building but also to the Liverpool community. On the recent open day Lawrence mentioned “We are just caretakers, the legacy of this building will far our out live my lifetime”.