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New Sharp Photocopiers to Future Proof Your Office

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No one wants to work in an environment where their technology is failing after a couple of years; this can be both hugely frustrating and costly. If you work in a busy office and you’re constantly looking for ways to improve the workflow of your business, look no further than Sharp. Thanks to the new range of Sharp photocopiers, you are able to implement an enhanced system where clever technology is central to your business workings. Having the right devices in your office could have a really positive effect on the success of your business day-to-day.

Sharp_Photocopier_Future-Proof_DevicesWith the fast-paced nature of technology, you need a way of streamlining your workflow so that you are able to optimise your time as well as you can. Meeting your printing requirements now and in the future is important for any company, so investing in devices that will allow you to work efficiently now, whilst also having the ability to adapt in years to come can only be advantageous.

One of the industry leaders when it comes to combining innovative technology and print devices is Sharp. Sharp has been creating unique technology for over 100 years. Their huge range of devices is suited to a variety of office environments. Alongside their print solutions, Sharp has the likes of their Big Pad presentation screens to fulfil your presentation needs.

Sharp’s new MX series

The latest series of devices launched by Sharp has been designed to help your business workflow. Forward-thinking connectivity is used to allow individual users to work smarter. The next generation of Sharp photocopiers can bring value to the printing processes within your business. So much more than just a standard printer or photocopier, these A3 colour devices can transform the way you use information. Complete with connectivity and security options, these copiers are a future proof solution.

We’ve picked out a couple of our favourite features.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – allows you to convert documents into digital format such as PDF, as well as editable Microsoft Office formats.

Additional security features – as well as the standard features, these devices have S/MIME for secure email communications and advanced data protection.

Smart features – a motion sensor can detect a user approaching and automatically wake-up the machine. Plus a touchscreen that allows you to drag and drop menu icons, providing access to your frequently used functions.

Cloud Portal Office – business class collaboration allowing you to connect your phone, tablet, PCs, Sharp photocopiers and the Sharp Big Pad in a single environment.

Future proof your office with Sharp photocopiers

Don’t get left behind! Make sure your team has got the devices it needs to work effectively. These Sharp photocopiers are designed to boost productivity and keep a high level of efficiency in any office space. Find out more or organise a trial today.