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Sharp BigPad – Share, Collaborate & Communicate

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Designed for smooth and effortless communication, the Sharp 70″ BigPad interactive touchscreen device is ideal for team meetings or teaching. The highly responsive touch pen allows several people to write on the screen simultaneously, changing the way you communicate.

With improved usability and embedded functionality, presentations become the place to have effective and animated discussions.

Key Features:

1. Simultaneous Writing

The Sharp 70″ BigPad allows 10 points of contact, so participants in meetings can get involved in brainstorming sessions and classroom interactivity.

2. Smooth Touch Pen

The Sharp Touch Pen is so light, it resembles writing on paper. Alongside this, handwriting recognition converts handwriting into standard text, making your writing neat and legible.

3. Link the BigPad with Mobile Devices

Sharp Touch Display Link 2.0 supports effective communication. Up to 50 devices can view and interact with one BigPad, allowing members of discussions to make personal notes on their device, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

4. Front Mounted Speakers

Two speakers are mounted on the front of the LCD monitor, delivering clear, crisp sound.

4. MFP Connectivity

Scan images from a Sharp MFP, and directly import the to display on the BigPad. Also printouts can be sent directly to an MFP.