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Samsung Xchange – Integration with SIMS

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Make life easier and bridge the gap between your Telephone System and Capita SIMS using Samsung Xchange

Saumsung Xchange is a powerful software which enables high level of integration, communication and collaboration between your phone system and SIMS school management system. Samsung Xchange products allow for you and your colleagues to work more collaborative and collectively – having the caller information available quickly and efficiently.

Integration with SIMS


Caller Preview – Takes the telephone number of the caller and, if a match is found in SIMS, will show the name of the caller in the small ‘pop up’ window in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. The preview window also provides ‘call control’ button meaning you can answer, transfer and hang up the call without touching your telephone handset.

Contact Popping – Clicking on the SIMS icon in the caller preview window will automatically open the caller’s SIMS contact record, avoiding the need to type the name, address or postcode etc to retrieve the record. You can do this before or after you answer the call. You can do this with outbound calls to.

Call History – Samsung Xchange call history lets you view the calls you have made, answered and missed. You can dial or even ‘pop’ the SIMS contact record from the results.

Click to Dial – ‘Click to Dial’ lets you make a call simply by clicking in the dial button that Samsung Xchange provides within SIMS.

Address Book Search – With the Samsung Xchange book you can concurrently search a number of different address books (e.g SIMS and Microsoft Outlook) and dial from the results.