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RISO Dem Van in the Spotlight

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Towards the end of July, photographer Carlton Adkins came to the Midshire office to take photos of one of our most prized possessions – the RISO Dem Van.

Midshire has been using Carlton for photoshoots for the past couple of years, starting with our #HotCopiers photoshoot in 2013. He also recently took a number of photos that were taken at the ProManchester office and the GM Chamber Lounge, which will feature on the side of our newest van in the fleet.

Advertising of the RISO Dem Van was previously just done through word of mouth, but now we will be able to show prospective customers what to expect when they are booking a demonstration.

The RISO Dem Van allows our sales team to drive to a prospective customer’s office, enabling them to show the RISO ComColor X1 7150 printer in action to up to 18 members of staff, with minimal disruption to the prospective customer’s day. The ComColor X1 7150 is regarded as one of the fastest printers in the world, with speeds of up to 120ppm (a standard photocopier has speeds of around 30-40ppm), meaning you can print off 1,000 sheets of colour A4 in just 25 minutes!

We try to avoid printing off generic print samples in the dem van. Instead, we ask the prospective customer to bring a USB loaded with a large job that they would print in house, such as a newsletter, prospectus or even classroom worksheets for the following day. This not only shows the speed and quality of the X1 7150, but also saves the prospective customer time!

If you would like to book a dem van visit, please email our sales team: