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Ricoh to focus on IWBs

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IT software solutions company Ricoh has announced its intentions to launch a new interactive whiteboard (IWB) offering, to work alongside its current services and products.

The news comes almost one year after the Japanese print service announced that it had plans to develop an audiovisual arm to its business.

The whiteboards will be marketed to high-end businesses, schools, colleges and universities in the UK. The developer will not be alone though, as IWB sales have been steadily increasing in recent years and many other companies are looking to join the market.

In 2012, over one million IWBs were sold throughout the world, effectively updating classrooms, offices and boardrooms everywhere.

Ricoh has admitted that its plans to target wealthier customers and corporate clients is an attempt to step away from the heavily saturated lower end of the market, where the company thinks it may not be able to achieve great results. By creating products for wealthy businesses and individuals though, Ricoh has set itself apart from other IWB producers.

Steven Hastings, the UK audiovisual channel director for Ricoh, said: “This is a whole new business area for Ricoh entering the channel in the UK, and we will be looking for specialised partners to be working with us on this to add more value.

“I think it will be for tertiary education, and marketed to the corporate world as well.”

Ricoh’s IWBs will be appearing in the UK from July 2013.