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Printers Make a Big Difference to Solihull Young Lives

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Solihull Council has been fortunate to receive 24 free printers donated by office technology provider Midshire®. The printers are being used to support some of Solihull’s most vulnerable young people, young carers, and children in the council’s care.

Currently, there are 370 children who are in care in Solihull. The printers have been given to those in further education to help the with their studies.

Account Manager James Belcher stood with Elise Ross and Simon Russell from the Solihull CouncilOne young person who has benefited is currently studying at university. Another young person is a busy first year law student. Having a printer has enabled her to print and proof read assignments and documents at home.

The printers have also made a big difference to young carers aged 14 to 25 who are supported by the Solihull Young Carers team at the Solihull Carers Centre.

The young people provide unpaid care for a relative or friend, who is ill, has a disability, is frail or is affected by substance misuse.

Part of the support they receive from Solihull Young Carers is with education, employment and training. The printers have been given to them so that they can print CV’s and application forms to apply for college, university, and work.

One young carer in transition from school to college is looking for part-time work for the summer, she is delighted to be able to print at home rather than at the local library.


Letter of thanks

The Solihull Young Carers and Looked After Children teams are extremely grateful for the printers and the difference they will make to the live of the young people they support.

Midshire has been one of the largest providers of office technology, telecoms, IT solutions and managed print services in the Midlands for 27 years.

Visit the Children’s Services website here:

To see how Midshire can help you, please call 03300 414 574