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Photocopier vs Duplicator: What’s the Difference?

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Although photocopiers and duplicators are similar in a variety of ways, their range of applications and abilities are quite different. Determining which is most useful for your workplace requires an in-depth understanding of what these differences are.

A Brief history lesson in photocopiers

Photocopiers have come along way since their 1938 invention. Believe it or not, they were thought to have no real use in an office settings originally and both IBM and General Electric rejected the idea when it was initially presented to them. Today photocopiers are considered to be an office staple, and have evolved into even more advanced machines that often combine printers, faxes and scanners.

Photocopiers vs Duplicators

Advancements in photocopier technology have substantially improved not only the speed at which copies are made, but the quality and clarity of the copies as well. They have also been fitted with encryption and security features to ensure that sensitive and confidential information is kept safe from outside sources. Photocopiers however do have their share of limitations when it comes to their range of printing ability, which is where duplicators come in.

Duplicators provide the same print and security functions of standard photocopier but with the added bonus of allowing users to print on a broad range of forms ranging from standard documents to labels and business cards. They also provide a low cost way to print large volumes of work at an impressively low cost.

Sharp PhotocopierWhich is best for your business?

Every business is different, and each industry requires different tools and machinery to assist in running a smooth and efficient workplace. Because of the costs involved in purchasing a photocopier or duplicator are relatively high, you want to ensure that you have exactly what your workplace needs but that you don’t purchase machinery that will go unused.

Duplicators are practical, efficient, and multifunctional machines that are ideal for offices printing a broad range of media, but offices that primarily copy and print documents such as contracts or invoices may not necessarily need the range that duplicators provide. If you’re still struggling to decide what’s best for you, speak to the professionals at Midshire – we will be more than happy to explore your options to provide the right solution.