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Photocopier Leasing – A Quick Guide

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With businesses wanting to save money in any way possible, photocopier leasing is a fantastic way of saving you money, whilst giving the opportunity to upgrade to a photocopier that is far more powerful than your current photocopier.

1. What is photocopier leasing?

Photocopier leasing allows you to spread the cost of your copier over three to five years, whilst ensuring it is professionally maintained and always available for everyone to use. Leasing the equipment means you will pay monthly or quarterly over a fixed term, instead of making a full payment at the beginning of the agreement term.

2. What types of businesses consider photocopier leasing?

Many small and large companies prefer photocopier leasing to buying a photocopier outright. Instead of owning the photocopier, and incurring a large up-front cost, leasing means businesses rent their photocopier from the supplier. Photocopier leasing is popular with all businesses, from schools and local authorities to legal firms and SMEs.

3. What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to photocopier leasing. One of the main benefits is avoiding large upfront payment (a good photocopier can cost anything from £2,000 to £15,000+). With photocopier leasing, you can get a high quality photocopier with finishing equipment and any solutions required, for a monthly or quarterly payment, making it a much more affordable option. Photocopier leasing also means you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or running out of toner. When you lease a photocopier, the company that provides the machine will look after the machine for the full term of the lease. Midshire’s service covers general photocopier maintenance, the ordering of toner cartridges, the booking of engineers and the provision of meter readings. Another fantastic aspect of photocopier leasing is when your current photocopier becomes obsolete, you can easily (and affordably) upgrade to a new model.

4. What are the drawbacks?

It is really important to remember that when leasing a photocopier, you are renting the device from your supplier, so attempting to sell the device or causing damage to the photocopier can be problematic. You legally cannot sell the device, but costs can be incurred if any damage to the machine can be attributed to a lack of care. This rarely occurs, simply because most people are respectful of the equipment they are using while at work.

5. Summary

• easy to budget.
• helps businesses save money.
• small monthly payments rather than one large up-front payment.
• allows you to upgrade your device.
• provides you with service, parts and support throughout the fixed term.
• tax efficient for businesses.
• flexible monthly plans to suit your business.