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PaperCut Rebrands its Corporate Image

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PaperCut, one of Midshire’s key solution partners has rebranded its corporate image. Like Midshire, PaperCut went through the rebranding process in 2014, launching the new look in January 2015.


The new branding is centred around four key aspects of PaperCut:

1. PaperCut is nimble – they release new solutions all the time and it’s vital to get new things out to you, our customers, as quickly and easily as possible.

2. Its employees love to use software to solve problems hence why the “P” of the logo is simply an A4 piece of paper, divided geometrically.

3. PaperCut cares about: customers, the environment, and every relationship built over their 16 year history.

4. All employees are open and honest. Telling it how it is.

With the new logo, Midshire will be updating all marketing material, in line with the guidelines.

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