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How Can PaperCut Print Management Software Benefit Your Law Firm?

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PaperCut Software Solution

We still find that one of the industries to produce a high volume of printed output remains the legal sector. Working with clients, compiling case notes, printing letters or reports, there is always a huge amount of daily printing happening in law firms everywhere. These busy offices deal with a large number of documents; most of which are sensitive and confidential. Keeping these documents secure should be a key priority for any firm.

Here at Midshire, we provide all different types of organisations with photocopiers, printers and the relevant print management software to ensure their offices run smoothly. The legal industry is no different. We have tailored solutions that suit the needs of solicitors, barristers, paralegals and legal executives so they can print securely and know their documents are protected.

What is PaperCut Print Management Software?

PaperCut software is an easy to use print management application that can be added to multifunctional devices and a managed print service solution. With our training and support, you have a solution at your disposal to reduce your output and waste as well as encouraging responsible behaviour when it comes to using your office printing equipment.

More specifically, PaperCut works as a security system. Only the user who has created the document can activate its printing at the device.

In addition, PaperCut enables you to make users or departments accountable for their printing or copying. You are able to save money by seeing just how much you print, meaning you can budget for your print output much more effectively.

What benefits can PaperCut Print Management software bring to your law firm?

Dealing with confidential and private documents in a busy office without any security measures can be a concern, but not if you have PaperCut installed.

One of the most important features of PaperCut printing software is document security. With a secure print release feature, no one else can print your work and you can’t print anyone else’s. Each employee accesses the machine with their own PIN code, swipe card or key fob; this can also be tracked, as your employees may be able to print from the office, home or even their smartphone. This can prevent sensitive data from being printed automatically and often being left to pile up at the edge of a printer. This feature is incredibly important due to the nature of legal work and client confidentiality.

Once our expert team has installed PaperCut, you will be able to see a number of benefits that help not only with security but also with time and money savings.

By monitoring and tracking print queues, you are able to see just how much you are printing on a daily basis. You can easily produce reports based on print output from the easy-to-use web portal, allowing you to look at the firm’s overall output and also consider areas for improvement or print reduction.

PaperCut helps your office to be efficient and continually monitor document workflows.

PaperCut Print Management Software

PaperCut Print Management Software in action

We worked closely with Gorvins Solicitors to provide a bespoke managed print service. Progressing from just one copier, the company now has 10 multifunctional devices complete with print management solution. They highlighted how crucial document security is when it comes to printing in our recent customer case study video. Watch it here.

Midshire offers a free trial of PaperCut software to any legal firm interested in increasing the security of its printed documents. Get in touch today to find out more.