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Offset your carbon emissions with Toshiba’s Carbon Zero scheme

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You might have noticed the huge pressure in recent years to do what you can to reduce damage to the environment, especially from business activities. Now some manufacturers are taking the initiative and working to reduce this impact on their customers’ behalf.

At Midshire there are many different photocopiers to choose from to ensure your company remains environmentally friendly. The print industry has evolved greatly to allow us all to make smart decisions and choose a photocopier that has a positive manufacturer programme behind it. From energy star ratings to recycling ink cartridges and reducing carbon emissions, most manufacturers have schemes aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their devices.

Toshiba, our newest technology partner, has been making a conscious effort to reduce carbon emissions through its Carbon Zero programme.

What is the Carbon Zero scheme?

Back in 2009, Toshiba took an active step to help the environment. Through the Carbon Zero scheme Toshiba found a way to reduce its impact on the global climate.

They introduced the concept of carbon offsetting; this is a way to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by balancing or cancelling out these gases. Toshiba achieve this by setting up environmental projects around the world; essentially putting back into the earth what is taken out.

Once you place your order for a Toshiba e-STUDIO photocopier with Midshire, Toshiba will calculate the emissions generated through the procurement, manufacture and delivery processes. The carbon emissions generated are converted into ‘credits’ which go towards funding life-changing projects across the world. These projects aim to both reduce carbon emissions and enhance the quality of life of the recipients.

What projects does the programme help?

The projects set up as part of the Carbon Zero scheme aim to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced through the creation and delivery of Toshiba devices. However, they do so much more than this too; also creating jobs for local people and looking after the environment.

Take a look at just three of the projects below:

• In Kenya, one project provides energy efficient stoves. Made from brick, the stoves produce a 50% reduction in the need for firewood, which therefore reduces the overall carbon emissions. This project has other benefits as a result, such as reducing deforestation.

• In Uganda, another project works to rehabilitate boreholes. This restores a safe, clean source of drinking water for the community, which also reduces the need to boil the water. This too saves the unnecessary creation of carbon emissions.

• Over in Brazil, a rainforest protection project is in place to ensure that thousands of animals’ natural habitats are protected as well as providing sustainable forestry management.

How has the Carbon Zero scheme helped?

Between 2009 and 2015, the Carbon Zero scheme has had a total carbon offset of 430,150 tonnes of CO2. If this doesn’t mean much to you, then that amount is equivalent to driving round the earth’s circumference 56,121 times, or 127,232 return flights from Dusseldorf to Tokyo! During the last year alone, 72,865 tonnes of CO2 was offset which is a huge effort.

Midshire customers have helped contribute to this figure! So far 587 tonnes of carbon has been offset due to the number of  Toshiba devices sold to date. 

The projects set up do not only help the environment, but also have a social and economic impact. Across the world, these projects provide jobs for local people, help all generations of the community and improve their health for years to come. Building a better future for the communities involved, the Carbon Zero scheme is making a huge difference.

By investing in a device that is involved in Toshiba’s programme, you are actively playing a part in helping the environment, without compromising on product quality or performance. You will still receive the latest technology and excellent print quality, with the peace of mind that you are having a positive effect on the environment. Toshiba MFPs or other products that are offset will be supplied with the Carbon Zero logo.

To learn more, or to get involved in the programme, contact us today.