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Networked technology for your business

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 To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. “Sooner or later, any company not operating efficiently will be out of business”, says Laurie McCabe, vice president of small and medium insights and solutions for research firm AMI-Partners. Efficiency is even more important for small and medium size businesses, because their resources are limited compared to large global companies.

Here are 5 tips for using network technology to help your business work more efficiently, cut cost and improved customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

1.       Give employees secure, consistent access to information

Small to medium sized business have an advantage over larger competitors because they can react very quickly to business change. But you can quickly lose this edge if you company network is frequently down, sluggish, or unsecured. A secure, reliable networks based on intelligent routers allows your employees to access the information they need and the tools they need to stay ahead of competitors

2.       Deliver any time, anywhere access to employees on the go

Stay productive on the move, your employees need to be able to reach the people and the information they need, anytime, anywhere. With tool like a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your employees can work outside the office and still enjoy safe access to the business network.

3.       Make it easy to work together

Smooth collaborations between employees, partners, suppliers and customers is a sure-fire way to boost efficiency while also reducing costs. An intelligent network lets your business take advantage of interactive calendaring, video-conferencing unified communications and other technologies for easy collaboration.

4.       Enable employees to take their phone system wherever they go

Missed calls create project delays, wasted opportunities, and lost revenues. With a networked voice and data solution, your employees can have one phone number that rings simultaneously on multiple devices, so customers reach the right person for the first time. Your staff can access all their communications from anywhere, checking for emails, voice-mails and faxes from just one inbox.

5.       Improve employee satisfaction

Ageing phone systems and slow networks can frustrate your employees and annoy your customers. In some cases, an employee might become burned out and decide to move on. To ensure that employees are productive, and satisfied, your business needs a secure and reliable fast network.