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Midshire to host Marketing Stockport meeting

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Midshire Business Systems is delighted to be hosting the forthcoming Marketing Stockport meeting.

The breakfast meeting will be taking place on the 7th May in the Midshire Bredbury office. A number of Marketing Stockport members are expected to attend, where we will be serving a light breakfast before the main presentations.

Midshire Managing Director, Julian Stafford commented:

‘We are proud to be part of Marketing Stockport and the positive effect it has on the business community. Many of the members were already our customers before we joined so the meetings are a good opportunity to regularly meet, and keep up to date with news and events.’

Midshire is pleased that one of their partners, Midwich is able to present a product to the group. Ashley Camm from Midwich will present a short talk on 3D printing before conducting a demonstration of the CubeX 3D printer. We hope that the talk will fully demonstrate the capabilities of the machine and its uses in a number of industries.

With 3D modelling being introduced to the Key Stage 3 curriculum from September, we believe it is likely to become very popular within the education sector.

Marketing Manager Adrienne Topping sees great potential in 3D printing.

‘Having recently attended a Midwich event I was impressed by the 3D printing on show. It is clear that this technology is going to feature heavily in all technology fields. We are really pleased to be holding a demonstration event for all Marketing Stockport members.’

We look forward to welcoming Marketing Stockport members to our Bredbury office.