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Midshire supports the Rucksack Project Stockport

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TRP5 Office technology sales and service provider Midshire, gives a helping hand to the homeless this Christmas by supporting the Rucksack Project Stockport.

In its third year, The Rucksack Project is an event aimed at supplying the homeless and rough sleepers of Stockport with warm clothes, toiletries and food during the winter and Christmas period. Organised in conjunction with The Wellspring Stockport, the project has been hugely successful and the charity are hoping to make it a record year for donations and support.

The-rucksack-project-logoEvent Organiser Iain Kelly, explains the importance of the support from the public:
I’m looking for as many people as possible to go to charity shops or rummage through their own wardrobes, see what unwanted items and any extra food they might have so that these rucksack packs can be distributed. If we can bring our project to the attention of the masses it means hopefully we can provide as many homeless people and rough sleepers in Stockport a means to get through this winter and beyond.

Bredbury based Midshire has shown its support by not only collecting rucksacks and items but are acting as a drop off point for other people and businesses who wish to donate.

Adrienne Topping, Midshire’s Group Marketing Manager comments: “We are asking all local people and businesses to get involved and give whatever they can to help support the project. No matter how big or small the donation every little will help support those who have nothing except the clothes on their back.’

Ideally a completed rucksack can be donated, but items on their own are also welcomed and are a huge help! Here are some suggestions of items you could donate:

WRSP15 Items1 x Rucksack
1 x Fleece / Jumper
1 x Hat / Scarf / Gloves
2 x Socks
2 x Undies
1 x Toothbrush
1 x Sleeping bag
1 x Flask
1 x Spoon
Tins of beans / Soup / food etc. (with ring pulls)
Crossword puzzles / word searches / pens

PLEASE NOTE: It is not just men that are homeless and in need of help. If you wish to provide a ‘ladies pack’ then all we ask is that you pin a note clearly stating ‘LADIES’ so that we can distinguish and give out accordingly.

The deadline for donations is the 13th December, when Midshire will deliver all collections to the Wellspring.