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Midshire staff take steps towards a more ActiLIFE

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Organised by Stockport-based leisure trust LifeLeisure, the ActiLIFE programme uses a combination of technology and coaching to help participants who are not as active as they would like to be in taking positive steps to achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The programme encourages eActiLifeveryone to look at all aspects of their lifestyle, from general activity levels, diet and hydration to different types of exercise. Promoting simple changes, such as a quick lunchtime walk, rather than sitting in an office chair can help to improve general fitness.

Over 20 Midshire employees took part in the scheme, walking a grand total of 7,948,976 steps during the 12 week programme. The number of steps taken was monitored using a small ‘pebble’ like device. The ‘pebble’ was clipped onto a shoe or belt and monitored the number of steps completed every day. The device was linked to the actilife web portal where participants could monitor their own activity but also compare their steps against other participating colleagues. This added a competitive edge to the programme.

Those who enrolled were initially assessed by ActiLIFE co-ordinator Claire Duffy who completed a full body analysis and personal profile.

As part of the body analysis, each participant received a breakdown of their body composition including, their weight, muscle mass, BMI and metabolic age, which is a reflection of a person’s physical health based on their metabolic rate. Generally speaking, if your metabolic age is lower than your actual age, then you are in good physical health.

All of these statistics were measured along with the number of daily steps taken. This was re-assessed half way through the programme and at the end, in order to compile the final results.

LifeLeisure’s Michelle Childs comments on the programme:

“By offering an alternative to the traditional gym environment, ActiLIFE helps produce healthier lifestyles long-term. With the ability to keep a track of their progress through the online portal and regular visits, it encourages people to keep up their hard word and adopt these changes into their lifestyle long term, rather than a quick fix approach.”

IT Support Technician, Jordan Walker completed the most steps throughout the process with an unbelievable 828,556 steps. This definitely helped to prove that Jordan really is walker by name and by nature. This was 150,000 more than Senior Account Manager David Warren who came in second place.ActiLife

During the 12 week programme, every participant’s metabolic age either stayed the same or reduced. The greatest reduction in metabolic age was IT Manager, Phil Sundet, with a 21-year reduction, clearly showing the positive impact.

Both Phil and Jordan were commended on their sterling efforts during the programme at a staff meeting hosted at NK Theatre Arts.  LifeLeisure’s Michelle Childs presented Phil with a pair of New Balance Trainers and Jordan with some high street vouchers.

Midshire Managing Director Julian Stafford, was keen to adopt the scheme comments:

“It’s really important to look after our people, because they look after our customers. The ActiLIFE programme has definitely had a positive effect on staff, with everyone thinking more carefully about their activity levels and diet.

 The team approach really appealed to our employees. The competitive edge added another element of fun for each department and the staff as a whole. I would definitely recommend it to other office based organisations wanting to help motivate staff towards a healthier lifestyle.”

If you are interested in taking part in the ActiLIFE programme, please contact Michelle Childs on: 0161 482 0900 or email