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Midshire Northern Celebrates 15th Birthday!

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Midshire birthdayThis anniversary proves that we’re doing something right. Fifteen years on we are proudest that we still have customers who were with us on day one; they know who they are and they are as important to us today as they were then.

We started with what most businesses start with – no clients and just three people – but we turned over £560,000 in the first year.  Working from a not-so-nice office, off Hempshaw Lane in Stockport that first year I’m sure we’d have had difficulty picturing where we are today: thirty four staff, a turnover fast approaching five million and 2000+ machines contracted out.  We are rapidly building markets – we are now number one supplier in the region’s legal sector for example, welcoming SAS Daniels, Bermans, O’Neill Patients, and Gorvins onto our client list.  And we’re developing into new business areas to further help customers’ businesses, across design, marketing and advertising and IT services.

Primary & secondary schools and academies, legal firms, political parties, SMEs and new business start ups are all specialist areas for Midshire, and our business services are growing in anticipation of our customers’ needs.  The thing we haven’t changed, and won’t ever change, is our commitment to service – and that means understanding our clients’ businesses.

The core values we signed up to back in Hempshaw Lane remain, and they are every bit as relevant today: Look after our people, our customers and our suppliers. We wouldn’t have a business without them.

A joint celebration for the birthday and 2 long service awards (for Stuart Carruthers and Richard Flynn who have both been with Midshire for 10 years) was held on Saturday 13th October in Manchester, at the Great John Street Hotel. Managing Director Julian Stafford and Phil Powell were presented with a silver-plated engraved pen from staff to mark the occasion.

A fantastic night was had by all staff who attended the celebrations, and they would like to thank Midshire for putting on the celebrations.