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Midshire goes Bananas for Health & Wellbeing Week

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(pictured left to right) Debbie Wilson, John Kay, Isabelle Eddy, Nick Rose, Adrienne Topping, and Joe


Local office technology provider Midshire® is celebrating Health and Wellbeing Week 2017 by getting fruity with Fruidel.

Manchester-based Fruidel feed Midshire’s Stockport office with an abundance of fresh apples, oranges, pears, bananas, assorted berries, plums and nectarines, all plucked daily from local markets.

The fruitful new initiative comes just in time for Health and Wellbeing Week, which aims to remove stigma surrounding mental health issues in key areas, like increasing employer understanding, and working with employees individually.

Midshire’s Sales Manager, Nick Rose says: “It’s so easy this day and age to reach for unhealthy snacks in a busy tech office environment, particularly on the lead up to Christmas, but an unhealthy lifestyle can be massively detrimental to both physical and mental health.”

1 in 6 workers in the UK suffer from mental health related illnesses like anxiety, depression, and stress, costing businesses around £1,035 per employee annually.

Nick continues: “When we discussed implementing a healthier culture at the office, it was important for us to partner with a company that shares our ethos; one that supports local charities, farmers, and markets. That’s why we chose Fruidel.”

Initially trialling one basket twice per week, the new scheme was so well received and had such an impact with Midshire’s 70 northern-based personnel that the order has been permanently increased.

When talking about why Midshire partnered with Fruidel, Nick says: “They work closely with Build It International, an organisation that trains local men and women in third world countries like Zambia to construct vital learning environments from sustainable materials. Fruidel donate 30 bricks for every basket sold, which means every piece of fruit has a tangible real-world impact.”

 Nick concludes: “The staff at Midshire are feeling happier and healthier, Fruidel get to be a part of that, and larger humanitarian projects also gain support, everybody wins!”

 Fruidel has recently expanded its offering to include milk and office flowers, all to promote a happy healthy workplace.

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Commencing 23rd – 27th October, Health and Wellbeing Week organisers suggest many activities that offices around the country can get involved in, see how yours can take part by going to their website here.