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Midshire gets moving with Life Leisure’s ActiLIFE

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Life-leisure-logoStockport based office technology firm, Midshire has teamed up with local customer LifeLEISURE to get it’s employees active going into the New Year.

Michelle Childs, Senior Physical Activity Development Officer at lifeLEISURE, approached Midshire earlier in the year and introduced their new programme – ActiLIFE, aimed at getting business people in Stockport more active.  Midshire jumped at the chance to get involved.

The ActiLIFE programme uses an innovative combination of technology and coaching from the LifeLEISURE team to help people that are not as active as they would like to be, get more active.

actiLifeActiLIFE co-ordinator Claire Duffy came to Midshire’s Bredbury office for two days at the start of December to conduct one-to-ones with over 40 Midshire employees. Claire used body composition scales to analyse  their bodies, giving results such as percentage fat and muscle and metabolic age. She then gave every participant a personal target for the duration of the 30 day programme.

Everyone that enrolled on the programme received a small ‘Pebble’ device, that clips onto a shoe or belt and monitors the amount of footsteps completed each day. The device is linked to a personal ActiLIFE account which acts a great motivational tool as it allows the participants to monitor their own activity levels. Additionally, users can add ‘friends’  to their account, adding a little competitive edge!

Midshire MD, Julian Stafford commented: “When Michelle came into the office to speak about the ActiLIFE programme, I thought it was a fantastic way to get the staff active in a competitive way. We’re one week into the programme now, and it has definitely created a buzz around the building! I can’t wait to see the results in three months time.”

The programme offers employees a great alternative to the traditional gym environment and helps to produce positive health benefits.

Michelle and Claire will return to the Midshire office in the New Year at the half-way point of the 3 month programme and again at the end of the programme to compare each participant’s body composition before and after taking part in ActiLIFE.

Midshire works closely with LifeLEISURE by supporting their print fleet. Additionally, Midshire is the Print and Technology Partner of LifeLEISURE’s Stockport Metro Swimming Club.

If you would like to get involved in the ActiLIFE programme, contact Michelle Childs at: